Winter Resort

Bansko is a fast growing winter resort with awesome runs, off piste adventures and when you’re done on the slopes, there’s loads more to do in the old town and the brand new resort centre.

The winter seasons start mid December and runs through to April, making it a long season with regular fresh snow downfalls.

On top of skiing and boarding, you can enjoy paragliding, snow-mobiles, skidoos, ice skating and snow trekking.

When it’s time to kick back and relax, within minutes of Bansko there are amazing natural hot springs, Hot water above bath temperature flows straight from deep down inside the earth straight to natural rock pools.

Winter in Bansko…awesome.

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Bansko Summer

Summer Resort

There is so much to do here in Bansko when the sun is shining too!

We have guided trails, rock climbing, Paintball, hot natural springs and of course were just a couple of hours from the Greek Coastal City of Thessaloniki.

Within an hour you can be sipping local wines in the tiny but world famous Melnik wine making town or head to the Rila Monastery if you are feeling like something a litle more sedate.

Within 10 minutes walk of the town centre you can even try your hand at trout fishing. A couple of pound for a rod and bait, a cold one (or two) from the restaurant and off you go and they will cook what you catch when you are ready.


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Summer Jazz Festival

World Famous Jazz artists bands and orchestras hit Bansko in the Summer for one of the Balkans best know festival, the Bansko Jazz Festival. If you’re a jazz fan or you just want to experience Bansko in the Summer, Jazz week is busy, Buzzy and loads of fun

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Km Ski Runs




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Bulgarias Premier MTB Events

Both professional and amateur mountain bikers take on the mountains and each other every Summer in Bansko

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Bansko has a thriving full time community of expats, who get involved in all kinds of community initiatives, from Charity Events to Biking Sundays, from Animal Rescue to group trips to Greece, Turkey and beyond

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Latest Bansko News

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Did You know? If you are travelling to Bansko alone or in a small group, you can save money on transfer from the airport and back again using Bansko based, a free service to connect you with spare seats on transfers.

You get a great deal and transfer companies fill empty seats!

Bansko loves thumbza!

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British Consular Assistance While in Bulgaria

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DON’T FORGET: We can also help with Consular issues for British and Irish Citizens while in Bulgaria. If you have any problems, get in touch, we’re here to help

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